The company's SIG subsidiary provides both regulated and unregulated telecommunications services to end-user customers and other communications providers in developing countries. The Company offers a comprehensive suite of voice, video and data communications services based on the products and services required by each customer.

The Service Company sells and services telecommunications equipment and provides information services and Internet access to customers in the Midwest and Mid Atlantic states.

The ImpactTel subsidiary Company offers resale of long distance and international service for calls placed to locations outside regulated telephone service area by telephone customers. This operation sells to end user customers as well as other internal business units.

The ImpactFax subsidiary provides an Fax image processing service to document intensive industries. Among them are RealEstate, Insurance and Medical businesses. This business unit specializes in both T.30 and T.38 fax protocol engines.

The Company provides boutique communication services to residential customers in 150 markets in the United States. Services include VoIP and Facilities based dialtone and home phone line service.

Impact Management provides labor and administrative support to all of the subsidiaries. As of Dec. 31, 2007, 38 full-time equivalent employees work for Impact Management.